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Player Info
Name: Kyle
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Over 18? Yes
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Character Info
Name: Chance (surname is likely Lansing but it was never stated in the show, for all intents I'll go with Lansing unless the mods have an issue with it.)

Canon: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Age: 22. (Not stated but background info about his Earth double states that he's 22.)

Canon/AU/CR AU: Canon.

Reference: (33-40 relates to Chance while 5-14 relates to his Earth double Drew Lansing who he never met but listed here for completion's stake)

Canon Point: Post episode 40: The Dragon's Tale by a few hours.

World Information:

Chance is from a mirror-world (or as his future leader once said 'the world behind the mirrors') of Earth called Ventara, recruited to train as a warrior during his childhood. He and eleven others were called upon to prevent an invasion of the planet by an alien named Eubulon to stop his leader General Xaviax from succeeding in the invasion. Eubulon created items known as Advent Decks which transformed each wearer into a powerful fighter. The Kamen Rider technology is the the only thing that has the setting differ from a 2009 Los Angeles California Earth equal world. Invented by Eubulon, he chose the smartest and the most athletic young children to eventually become Kamen Riders, 11 young men and one woman.

For every person on Ventara there's an Earth double who's physically identical to someone on Ventara, with a different name and personality. Though Earth is known by (at least by Eubulon and the Riders) Ventara, Earth for the most part does doesn't know about Ventara. During a fight with the Xaviax, Eubulon and the General were seemingly lost in the Advent Void (Actually he was sent to Earth during the 1950's Earth somehow in frozen stasis until he could be revived. There's no information or Xaviax about that incident other then he recovered.) and so to conserve their energy in case Xaviax returned, all the Riders except one went into suspended animation.

Two days per Rider before the next Rider would be called. 'Vented' is a term/failsafe when (orginally) one Rider is critically injured they are sent to the Advent Void until retrieved by the Advent Master (aka Eubulon). But without him a Rider would be trapped in the void.

(If there's anything you need me to clarify let me know.)

Personality: At first glance, the Kamen Rider known as Chance is a lackluster figure with a slight dry sense of humor but that isn't really the case. However, the young man of 22 was serious when it came to his job of protecting his home of Ventara and later the world of Earth. Always with a joke or wisecrack, (even at the expense of his friends no matter the situation) but nothing cruel or malicious about his jokes. He just likes to have fun. Though on the rare occasion where the tables are turned on him, he then becomes quieter. Chance prefers to be jokester and is abit taken aback when the rare occasion people play a joke on him. Always someone with a quick word, he also is very trusting with others. A people person through and through, he is not a very technical person. Or as he is fond of saying 'I'm not the tech guy'. He's more of a frontline fighter.

Considering how he's one of the more unusual fighters (a long range fighter compared to most of the other Kamen Riders which are mainly melee/hand to hand fighters), it's likely when he joined up as a Rider during his childhood he used jokes to compensate for any weaknesses he may have had as a fighter. When it comes to his friends, he's fiercely loyal though if you asked him that he'd probably joke around. He is very helpful with explaining how the Decks work as Kit (Kamen Rider Onyx and the Earth Kamen Rider Dragon Knight) as he had some nightmares concerning his own Deck. He does get apologetic when one of his comments goes over the line, which hints that he may be more sensitive than he lets people believe. In short, Chance is a good person with a bit of a sense of humor and doesn't seem to know how to keep his own mouth shut half the time. But he means well, and will back up his friends without question.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitations:

All Kamen Riders have what is called an Advent Deck and is their source of power for all Kamen Riders. Each Rider has their own Advent Beast in their deck which can give them additional power. Chance's particular Beast is a large green minotaur-like robot named Magnugiga. While he doesn't have flight or super strength, as a Kamen Rider he has enhanced speed, durability and strength compareable to a major athlete. It's nothing too far outside the range of normal human though. To activate his powers he says 'Kamen Rider!' and his Rider belt is transformed onto his body, he inserts the deck and he becomes Kamen Rider Torque.

In addition to his own strength as a Kamen Rider, his cards in his Advent Deck can help him in situations. The 'visor' he inserts his cards is called Magnu Visor, a small green submachine gun which doubles as a usable weapon. The cards in his Advent Deck are as follows: Shoot Vent which summons a large cannon, Launch Vent which summons two shoulder-mounted cannons, Attack Vent which has Magnugiga attack the opponent, Guard Vent which conjures a shield to absorb attacks as well as a stand for his Shoot Vent cannon once summoned. His final cards are Strike Vent (which wasn't been used in canon) which is a bull-shaped horned gauntlet and Final Vent which has Torque inserting the Magnu Visor into Magnugiga's back and its legs and chest open up unleashing a volley of missiles and lasers toward the opponent.

He also has the ability to travel between Earth and Ventara through mirrors or any reflective surface (through his Advent Deck), though I'll be cancelling this power because this would mean he could probably return home.

Other than his Kamen Rider powers Chance is a comepletely normal human. Now to keep the Final Vent of Chance's from being too powerful, I am welcome to suggestions. In canon, he rarely uses it if ever because of high likelihood of injuring or killing someone who was just enarby and not an enemy. It likely isn't too much more powerful than a Cerberus Atlas (to use a Mass Effect reference) though slightly smaller. You could downgrade the Advent Beast's destructive attacks down that way if you choose. Also if by some chance (pun not intended) that someone survived the attack he'd be in the prime position to be attack easily as he'd be vulnerable.

Inventory: Just his green Advent Deck (metallic card deck).


Alternate Universe Info
If AU, how is your version different from canon, and how will that come across?

Log Sample:

The Kamen Rider known as Chance Lansing was kind of used to this by now: save the world or worlds, get thrusted into somewhere he didn't know. Even Chance's good nature was a bit unsettled by the place he now found himself in. He did find out rather quickly that humans weren't as plentiful here as Ventara or Earth. Blue skinned alien girls, pink-colored squid aliens, four eyed aliens... Aliens were everywhere. Not that he had a problem with that. After all, Eubulon wasn't human either.

Chance gave the place a lookover before turning his head towards the landing zone area. He remembered that he had gotten into a car and then somehow he was here. Omega this place was called, and from what he saw was someone named Aria was in charge. That could make things tricky. Chance knew he would have to be careful not to reveal too much about himself on the chance that Xaviax wasn't dead (and was responsible) for this situation.

So he scoured the area trying to spot any familair people that he might know to know avail. "Man, this is getting depressing... I'd take even Hunt or Trent, over no one at all from home." Not that he hated Hunt, but the guy had practically zero sense of humor. He gave a small sigh. "No luck. There's some people here who are just as lost as I am it looks like." Chance thought to himself, as he walked down an aisle of wreckage. Maybe someone could give him a clue what was going on here.

Network Sample:

[It hadn't taken Chance too long to figure out the basic uses of the omni-tool but other than that... He wasn't the tech guy, he left that to Pryce. So the feed showed a young man of about 22/23 dressed in jeans, black shirt and jecket with a gold imprint of a bull below the collar.]

Okay, this might sound strange but did anyone see someone enter here through a mirror by any chance? Or any reflective surface? It's kind of an important thing even though it's kind of a long shot. Anyway, I'm Chance Lansing. I guess I'm stuck here anyway, but I'm guessing no one has heard of Ventara here...

[Chance hesitates for a moment, before continuing. This wasn't the best thing to say on a open channel but he had to know.] Oh, if someone knows about a world called Karsh? Let me know, okay? And do me a favor, avoid them like the plague if someone does know about it. Now... where can a guy get something good to eat on this station? I'm famished.


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